• Bridget Leaside - The player character. You play from her point of view. She's a nervous person. Romantically involved with Bell at the end.
  • Mackenzie Singh - Your bunkmate. Is very spacey.
  • Taylor Creek - Friends with the other Taylor. Gal pal #1.
  • Taylor Massey - Friends with the other Taylor. Gal pal #2.
  • Bellwoods W. Park - Teen detective! Romantically involved with Bridget at the end.
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Wei - Major grumpypants.
  • Zoe Price - bunkmates with Bell and fastest runner. Athletic go-getter.


  • Dan "Canoe" Landing
  • TJ "Swim" Phillips
  • Alisha "Sail" Avi
  • Cassidy "Woods" Warden
  • Heather "Ropes" Balao
  • Logan "Crafts" Dinowitz
  • Kelsi "Kayak"
  • Jake "Drama"
  • Connor "Tennis"